Interested in volunteering?   Welcome!


Whether it's taking tickets at the door or helping to build a set or sharing your expertise as a fundraiser, we need your time and help!

  • Help the Oceanside Theatre Company (OTC) in its mission of bringing excellent professional theatre and special events to the community
  • Receive 2 comp tickets to an OTC performance each time you volunteer
  • Become a part of the OTC volunteer family

Please take a look at the volunteer job descriptions below to see what best fits your interests and abilities; then fill out and submit the volunteer information form below. You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to confirm your contact information and to answer any questions you may have.


Note: *Certain volunteer jobs may require previous experience or training.   


** Volunteer jobs involving youth will require a background check (no expense to you).

Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • Usher

Take tickets at the door, hand out programs, direct patrons to their seats, help patrons requiring extra assistance, open/close lobby doors, fold programs, gather trash from house, other duties as needed

  • Concessions

Set up concession stand, make coffee and chill beverages, handle cash and/or credit card sales, put concessions away, gather trash from lobby, other duties as needed. Note: must be 21 years old

  • Set construction/
    strike *

As directed:  build flats, platforms, doors, set pieces, other construction as needed. At strike, assist with tear down of set, moving flats and set pieces to storage, clean up of stage and backstage, other duties as needed

  • Scenic painting

As directed:  paint stage floor, flats, platforms, doors, set pieces, background, and other painting as needed, clean up of brushes, rollers, paint trays, and other items, other duties as needed

  • Backstage crew
Move set flats/platforms, set pieces, furniture, onstage props and other items as directed during scene transitions, fly items in/out as directed, place and/or move set props, other duties as needed
  • Lights/Sound *

Under the direction of the Light/Sound technician(s), assist with hanging and focusing lights, manning the light board or sound board, other duties as needed

  • Costumes

Assist costume designer with measuring cast, costume construction and alterations, serve as Wardrobe Mistress to wash costume pieces and do repairs, assist backstage with quick changes, other duties as needed

  • Hair/Makeup

Assist hair/makeup designer with doing face/body makeup, create hairdos or work with wigs as directed

  • Youth programs & outreach **

Assist the director of the Youth Summer Theatre Camp or the director of the Youth Outreach program to the schools or other OTC Youth education activities. Duties may include set up and preparation for activities, clean up, helping with stage productions, and other duties as needed

  • Publicity & Marketing

Assist the Artistic Director and/or members of the OTCBoard with publicity and/or marketing, including such tasks as graphic design, program ads, targeted marketing, and other duties as needed

  • IT / Webmaster

Assist the staff with maintaining, troubleshooting, and implementing use of electronic devices and IT issues and/or maintaining, updating, and troubleshooting the OTC website and/or OTC Facebook page


Found a match for your interests and skills?

Fill out and submit the volunteer information form using the link below.  You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to confirm your contact information and to answer any questions you may have. 

You may also contact  the Volunteer Coordinator at
or 760-994-5975.