THE  DONORS (2016) 


THANK YOU to all of our donors for your generosity and support of OTC!

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$4,000 +

Youths' Friends Association


$1000 - $3900

Deborah Dodaro

John H. Hyland

Max & Anna Levinson


$500 - $999

Adkins Family Foundation

Barbara A. Burrill

Lisa Gordon

Bruce & Ann Mortland

Jay & Julie Sarno

Krista Warren

Richard Williams

Solatube International, Inc. 


$100 - $499

Susan Betz

Thomas & Linda Brault

Winston Cannon

Steven & Kathy Crouthamel

Blythe & David Doane

Robbie Hass

Marnie Klein

Virginia & Donald McPherson

Fred Murray & Lennie Rae Cooke

Collen & Larry O'Harra

Anne Speraw

San Luis Rey Rotary Club


$50 - $99

Bev Conner

Kevin & Patricia Munley

Doris Teich

Rena Wallenius



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