Baby With the Bathwater

By Christopher Durang

Directed by Dhyana Dahl

October 28- November 13, 2016

Fridays & Saturdays 7:30pm; Sundays 2pm


Who ever said parenting was easy? Christopher Durang explores the challenge, joy and utter confusion of being a first time parent in this edgy, satirical, and absurdist DARK COMEDY. When we meet first time parents John and Helen, we quickly realize that they, like all of us, have absolutely no idea how to handle their new little bundle of joy! What do they name it? Is it a boy or a girl? With the help of a zany Nanny and a collection of eccentric characters, this journey of parenting will have you laughing out loud, gasping in shock… and perhaps even relating to the kernel of truth behind all of the craziness. We open our 2016-17 Season with a sharp, twisted, dark comedy that you do not want to miss!



"Mr. Durang is one of our theater’s brightest hopes. In Baby with the Bathwater, he manages to combine all three modes farce, satire, good-humored wackiness … Durang keeps laughter bubbling... We laugh and gasp at the same time." -Wall Street Journal




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Miracle on 34th Street

A Live Radio Show

Based on the LUX Radio Theatre Broadcast

Directed by Rosie Gordon

Music Direction by Deborah Dodaro

Performances: December 16- 18, 2016

Friday & Saturday 7:30pm; Saturday & Sunday 2pm


Do you believe in Santa Claus? When a jolly bearded man named Kris Kringle is hired by Macy’s Department store, he claims to be the real deal. Some people believe him, and some think he is crazy… crazy enough to be locked away! But it is a little girl named Susan who captures Santa’s heart with the ultimate Christmas wish. This charming holiday favorite is transformed into a live staged radio broadcast straight from the 1950’s, complete with manual sound effects, holiday carols, original classic commercials, a cast of all ages, and of course, Santa Claus! Bring the whole family to ring in the joy of the holiday season! This is a one weekend only special event, not to be missed! 

"Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to."

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By Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Dhyana Dahl

Performances: February 10- 26, 2017

Fridays & Saturdays 7:30pm; Sundays 2pm


Sarah Ruhl, one of the most innovative and celebrated playwrights in theatre today, takes us on a magical, Alice in Wonderland-esque journey through this retelling of the classic Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. As we visit the land of the living and the depths of the underworld, we meet characters like the Three Stones (a nod to the classic Greek chorus), the Lord of the Underworld, and the two men who are pulling Eurydice’s heart in different directions: Orpheus and her Father. With heartfelt themes of love, loss, and discovering your own truth, Eurydice will make you leave the theatre feeling emotionally moved and imaginatively nourished. The beauty of this play must be experienced!


“Ms. Ruhl’s magical play about the joys and trials of living and dying invites the happiest kind of commemoration. Like all fine poems, songs and paintings, it’s a love letter to the world that deserves to be remembered for a good long time.” -The New York Times


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By William Inge

Directed by Ted Leib

Performances: May 5- 21, 2017

Fridays & Saturdays 7:30pm; Sundays 2pm


Set on Labor Day weekend, in a small Kansas town in the 1950’s, this Pulitzer Prize winning play by classic American playwright William Inge is innovative in the fact that the story focuses on women. Flo Owens is a protective mother of two teenage daughters, Madge and Millie. Along with their boarder Rosemary, and their neighbor Mrs. Potts, we get a firsthand look into the real life struggles of these single women. The themes of loneliness, love, beauty, and aging become even more askew when the rebellious drifter Hal enters the scene. Motives are questioned, hearts are broken, and love is realized in this touching and heartfelt play. Picnic is a classic story. An American story. A woman’s story.


“Mr. Inge seems to have a knowledge of people and an instinct for the truth of the world they live in. Most of the characters in Picnic do not know what is happening to them. But Mr. Inge does, for he is an artist.” -The New York Times